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Il annonce son départ pour l’Angleterre sur Facebook, et est retrouvé m.ort le lendemain

NIGERIA❗🇳🇬 Il annonce son départ pour l’Angleterre sur Facebook, et est retrouvé m.ort le lendemain 😓

Le jeune Okpani Ugochukwu obtient une bourse pour continuer ses études en Angleterre quelques mois plus tôt.
La veille de son départ, il poste sur Facebook qu’il voyage… Le jour prévu pour son départ il est retrouvé m0rt dans sa chambre. Il n’était pas malade, il n’avait aucun souci, était bien portant 🙌🏾🙌🏾

#PS👨🏾‍💻 Comme quoi toute chose n’est pas bonne à dire ! Tant que ça ne s’est pas encore réalisé, même après délai, ne faites part de vos projets à Péronne sauf ceux qui vous ont prouvé leur confiance 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 La terre est s.ale, le dehors est ma.uvais, les temps ci aucun voir bébé 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Bref courage à ceux qui partagent tout sur les réseaux sociaux 🤧🤧 Doux repos jeune homme 🙏🏾


Anguish as Nigerian man dies hours before his UK flight for M.Sc

Nigerian man dies hours before UK flight for M.Sc

By Biodun Busari

Sympathisers have flooded a Facebook wall of a Nigerian man, Okpani Ugochukwu who died a few hours before his trip to the United Kingdom for his Master’s academic programme.

Ugochukwu had earlier made a Facebook post on Friday that he would be heading to the UK for his M.Sc which was suspected to be International Relations.

“It’s a wrap. Blessed be God Forever. 22:00Hrs 2go. In Omnia Paratus. Put my name on that wall. MSc mode fully activated. 🛩️✈️✈️🛩️. #International_Relations,” he had written.

Ugochukwu reportedly died in his sleep Saturday morning, as friends posted painful messages of his demise on the Facebook wall they had earlier congratulated him.

Some of the posts were:

“My congratulations message yesterday has now turned to RIP today. What a tragedy!” Christain Oko Kelechi said.

Oyimagada Inya Ken said, “He was supposed to be on his way to the UK for his MSC today. This is painful and even more. A dedicated and promising young man with big dreams, full of life. This is not good at all, my heart bleeds.”

Monica Mma grieved, “I’ve not been able to place my head around this whole thing. I’ve been waiting to hear is a prank. You made a post yesterday and it was not up to 24 hours and you’re gone. Rest well, Christopher!”

“This young man, Ugochukwu Okpani was supposed to travel to the UK today to further his education. He celebrated on his wall and his friends congratulated him. Then he slept and did not wake up,” Ogochukwu Emmanuel Nobert said.

In a devastating turn of events, friends of Nigerian man identified as Okpani Ugochukwu have taken to social media to mourn him after he died today May 19, hours before his flight to the UK for his master’s.


The news of his passing has left his loved ones in shock and disbelief.

Late Okpani Ugochukwu had been granted a scholarship to pursue a postgraduate program at a reputable UK university and was eagerly preparing for his departure on Friday.

Excitement filled his heart as he took to his Facebook account on Thursday night, sharing the news of his imminent journey and expressing gratitude for the opportunity.

Tragically, his dreams were shattered when he peacefully slept and did not wake up the next day.

The exact cause of Okpani Ugochukwu’s passing has not been disclosed at this time, and his friends continue to mourn their loss, struggling to come to terms with the suddenness of his departure.

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