Why Fans Think Travis Scott Is Shading Kylie Jenner's Rumored Boyfriend Timothée Chalamet on New Song
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Scott’s lyrics hint at disapproval of Jenner’s new relationship

ravis Scott released a new song titled “Lust for Life” featuring Future and fans are speculating that the lyrics are shading Kylie Jenner’s rumored new boyfriend, Timothée Chalamet.

Jenner and Scott split in 2019 after two years together and sharing a daughter, Stormi. Since the breakup, Jenner has been linked to several suitors while Scott appears to have remained single. Jenner is now rumored to be dating actor Timothée Chalamet though neither has confirmed the relationship.

In Scott’s new track “Lust for Life,” fans believe several lyrics hint at disapproval of Jenner’s new relationship. The song includes lyrics like “I heard she wanna go and date an actor, that’s good for her I guess she get the acting up out of her system” and “She say I want a family in the future, guess that’s just not me.”

Fans have interpreted these lyrics to be references to Chalamet’s acting career and Jenner’s desire to have more children. Scott and Jenner share 3-year-old daughter Stormi but split before having more kids. Fans think Scott’s lyrics imply he does not want more children with Jenner.

Other telling lyrics include “She gettin’ cozy with the enemies, with the ops” which fans think refers to Jenner dating someone new that Scott does not approve of. The line “You diggin’ up a grave, that’s dead, that’s a zombie” also signals Scott thinks Jenner is resurrecting a failed romance that should stay in the past.

Overall, the lyrics paint a picture of Scott disapproving of Jenner’s decision to date Chalamet. Fans have reacted strongly on social media, sharing their analysis of the lyrics. Many argue Scott is bitter about the split and trying to control Jenner’s new relationship. Others side with Scott and say he has a right to express his feelings.

Scott and Jenner’s split in 2019 surprised fans as the two seemed happy together. They weathered cheating allegations while Jenner was pregnant with Stormi but stayed together until several months after she was born. Rumors of tension in their relationship escalated until they officially split.

Since the breakup, Jenner has been linked to several famous men. She had a brief romance with rapper Tyga, her ex from years earlier. Jenner was also spotted with athletes Devin Booker and Ben Simmons though neither relationship was confirmed.

The rumors linking Jenner and Chalamet only began in recent weeks when paparazzi spotted them spending time together. Sources say they met through Kim Kardashian mutual friends. Fans have speculated about their relationship status as the two have seemed flirty online.

As neither Jenner nor Chalamet have commented on the relationship, it’s unclear if they are dating or just friends. However, Scott’s lyrics have convinced fans there is likely some truth to the romance rumors. Scott and Jenner have also refrained from discussing each other publicly since their split.

While Scott may disapprove of Jenner’s new partner, fans feel his lyrical digs are out of line. Jenner is free to move on and date who she wants as a single woman. However, co-parenting a child together likely complicates both Jenner and Scott establishing new relationships.

Only time will tell if Jenner and Chalamet last or are just a temporary fling. Meanwhile, Scott’s lyrics show he is not happy to see the mother of his child with someone new. Fans are divided on whether Scott should express his disapproval or let Jenner be happy.

Jenner’s relationships are always of public interest given her fame as a reality star. But Scott airing his criticisms on a song feels inappropriate to many fans. For now, Jenner seems unfazed by Scott’s lyrics and focused on her rumored new beau. But co-parenting Stormi may become challenging if Scott continues to shade Jenner’s boyfriends through his music.

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